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About Us

At Black Lion Investment Group, our mission is to provide investors with the best opportunities, while understanding the important role we play within the communities we join.  We thrive by gaining deep knowledge of each locality in which we invest. Our proven record of consistent growth in competitive marketplaces comes from our highly experienced team of professionals and affiliates, and our knack for creating attractive re-developments and desirable leasing relationships. Black Lion Investment Group's wise deal-making abilities and steadfast financial discipline have allowed us to acquire and transform over half a million square feet of retail, office, and mixed-use space.

Based in Los Angeles, California, our team is made up of driven experts, each of whom shares our values of adhering to strong fundamentals of quality market research, careful asset identification, and objective financial forecasting, while being forward thinkers and big-picture analysts. We pride ourselves on accurate underwriting and astute re-positioning of tenants. Our shared focus and advanced planning strategies allow us to continue to identify hidden gems, achieve rapid project stabilization, and expand our collection of assets in the retail, office, and mixed-use sectors.   

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